Stone Fire Tables


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St. Cloud (Medium)

Iron Maiden-SOLD

Natural Surface Zebra Stone Fire Table (Large)

Black Galaxy Lightning (Large)

Midnight Sky (Large)

Art created from some of the oldest metamorphic Gneiss boulders in the world with incomparable natural veining.




As a former competitive skier and semi-pro fisherman, my passion for the outdoors has evolved into creating custom stone projects as the focal point of high end landscape designs. Waterstone’s patent pending award winning stone fire tables are handcrafted from some of the world oldest Gneiss boulders in the world. Each table is tailored to our customers’ specifications and combined with our specialized stone selection, unique edgework, and hand polishing to create a one of a kind piece for lifelong enjoyment.

- Travis Gienger, Waterstone Founder


Our award winning patent pending designed fire tables are individually created to combine detailed craftsmanship and practical operating features to withstand the harsh outdoor elements. Hand selected from Minnesota, our stones highlight the striking color bands and patterns found naturally in gneiss boulders formed in glaciers up to 3.6 billion years ago. Our quality bullnose edgework contours the stone while matching the organic shape to expose unique edges. With our complete custom system, tables include adjustable controls, battery operated spark ignition, artistically designed stainless steel wind guard, burner with glass crystals and cover, and your choice of a variety of bases.  Beautiful and practical our stone fire table is a work of art built to last.


April 13, 2016

The first airing of the DIY network's "I Want That" GIE Expo was this past weekend! Waterstone Fire Tables was featured. Friends, Family and Industry gathered together at Lakes and Legends Brewery to watched as this one of a kind product hit national television. Upcomi...

October 28, 2015

Last show of the year was quite the success. We will be airing on the DIY network show called "I Want That" just before firepit season in March. The products looked great on film. Can't wait to see it! Thanks for your continued support!

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