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Our fire tables are made from rare metamorphic granite or Gneiss glacial boulders.  Minnesota has some of the oldest metamorphic Gneiss boulders, with the most unique natural veining in the world. These were created because of our larger fire rocks. We wanted to keep the same quality, edgework, polish and design as our fire rocks but in a more manageable build.  The stone fire tables still show the unique “live” edge that everyone enjoys and cannot be replicated.  Each stone is completely unique.  The Stone fire tables come with a base that allows for one or sometimes two propane tanks to be stored underneath.  They also come with the ability to be hooked directly to your house Natural gas. 


Our fire rocks were our original product.  We built them for various landscape clientelle as natural boulders.  We then started slicing them and realized not only are these stones unique on the outside but the character on the inside is absolutely unmatched.  From there we put specialty polishing, edgework and tailored them to each individual boulders character.  These are large rocks often weighing upwards of 2000 pounds or so.  They offer a wide range of burner sizes, shapes, and allow for maximum BTU’s to heat large spaces.  The fire rocks often times are installed by contractors of various trades, landscapers, plumbers, pool specialist etc. 


The fire fountains are a compelling landscape feature as they create the ultimate juxtaposition.  The fire actually looks like it is burning right through the water.  They feature a series of rocks, drilled and polished that are then stacked to produce an interesting sculpture, fountain, and or fire.  They are thrilling to watch, and or sit around, but plan ahead these are mostly used a focal statement in a landscape.


Stone + Fire + Water. We create unique and compelling stone art from the elements to bring beauty and serenity to your outdoor living spaces. View our collection or contact us if you have something original you would like to create.


In addition to being a stone craftsman, Travis is a master pumpkin grower. This year his Minnesota grown pumpkin named Tiger King won the title of the Largest Pumpkin at the 2020 Safeway World Championship Pumpkin Weigh-Off in Half Moon Bay California with a Beautiful 2,350-Pound Beast!

Largets Pumpkin.jpg
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