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(Jumbo sized stone here) This was one of the largest natural boulders ever put on a diamond wire saw I guarantee it!  This boulders was well over 14 tons and had some interesting colors so figured why not.  It took over a week to set it up and another week and a half just to cut it.  The result is simply amazing. 


This fire table will feature a 4 ft line burner that can crank out up to 150,000 BTU's, also has a glass burner cover, a glass wind guard, two larger gabions bases complete with door.  This table will easily seat 10 people around it.  You will never see anything quite like this the stones range from 7.5 to 9 feet by about 4.5 to 5.5ft give or take.  I can send you more pictures of exact slabs as well as some of them that have been completely installed.  We  can also make this into a standard table with no fire if needed.


Size: 87"x53"

Wooly Mammoth

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