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(Jumbo sized stone here) This was one of the largest natural boulders ever put on a diamond wire saw I guarantee it!  This boulders was well over 14 tons and had some interesting colors so figured why not.  It took over a week to set it up and another week and a half just to cut it.  The result is simply amazing. 


This fire table will feature a 4 ft line burner that cranks out close to 100,000 BTU's a glass burner cover, a glass wind guard, a larger gabion or block base complete with door.  This table will easily seat 10 people around it.  You will never see anything quite like this the stones range from 7 to 8.5 feet by about 4.5 to 5ft give or take.  This one is available and we do have different thicknesses as well.  Can also make this into a standard table with no fire if needed.


Size: 87"x53"

Wooly Mammoth

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