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This ginormous boulder bathtub took hundreds of grueling hours to make.  There aren't many in the world and none with this amount of character and attention to detail.  Most are honed, this is polished to a mirror 10,000 grit finish with the natural edge of the boulder exposed on the outside.  This bathtub is over twice the capacity of a regular tub and although it started at over 14,000 pounds it now weighs in around 4500 pounds.  Use it as a soaking tub overflowing into a pool, or as a bathtub, it will make an elegant statement.  Tubs in this category often are 40k plus because there is no easy way to make them, cut, hammer, chisel, grind, and out comes a magnificent piece.  If you have never soaked in one it is a remarkable feeling.

The Boulder Bathtub

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