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This 5 layer stacked polished rock makes a perfect pyrimid effect for water flowing over the rock.  The fire is ignited right on top of the water and includes the burner.  Electronic igniton is available as well but a thermocoupler sticks above the water and can get spendy.  These can be hooked directly to your house NG line as well.  Email us for more pictures and videos, people love these things!

The layers are nice because even if there is equipment access it never fails you are setting these in tight locations.  The layers come apart and are easily stacked, spun and arranged in whatever fashion you like.  Plumb with about 1500 Gallons per hour pump, run your line gas line and you are set.

5 layer Cobalt fire fountain

  • Install using a professional landscape specialist and a plumber, Kits can be purchased for hook up to a propane tank.

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